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Roles and permissions + Hospital Configuration

When you need security, only high-level systems manage roles and permissions so that each user has access only to the data that corresponds to him. And from a single screen configure the processes with which a complete hospital is managed. Have the power of management in your hands.


Prescriptions and Pharmacy management

The Pharmacy ceases to function as an independent company from the hospital. The patient is part of the logistics of the pharmacy and reserved quantities of medicines. Omnichannel allows you to offer a digital recipe and validate it by Qr.


Hospital Management System


Believe it or not, this doesn't have to be difficult. Find with us the definition of friendly and functional.

Consulting Rooms

Everything you need for a doctor and his secretary to run your individual practice.

Clinic Franchises

Multi company, so that you have several branches with inventory management and billing from a parent company.

Small Clinics

Includes basic specialties in a clinic such as Gynecology / Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and Laboratory. Also individual clinics dedicated to Aesthetics, Physiotherapy or Dentistry.


All modules to manage a hospital integrated from the start and at the lowest price than any other platform, "guaranteed".