Hospital Management System


Hospital Patient Journey

Whether in a hospital or outpatient surgery center, Medic.Red's development is based on the points of contact with the Hospital and the emotions that are generated in the patients.

Some operational characteristics

Health vertical integrated to ERP


Control the collection and referral of patients, charge for this service and manage the maintenance of your fleet.


We unite a RIS and LIS to make things easy.

Human talent

Manage all your health and administrative professionals, management of schedules by doctor and department, staff skills, organization chart and hiring form.

Blood Bank

Control donors, recipients, and transfusion workflows.


The module is integrated into the labor and postpartum workflows, surgeries, medication, studies and inpatient care.


Track patient progress with your drug selection for case studies or research.

Some administrative features

World-class ERP with thousands of modules to integrate

Video call

Electronic file Integrated to video call for internal and external users.


Developed with permission levels and user roles to ensure that they only see the data that corresponds to them.

Inventory Services and Medicines

Separate modules to facilitate their specific management in the ERP.


Document management linked to each patient (scanned document attachments, photos, etc.)

Barcode and Qr

Designed to produce and read bar codes on all products, generate cards with patient ID and recipes with Qr code for validation by external to the business.

Information boards

A dashboard for each type of user, or develop your own dynamics with the ERP.